EvenTide Gallery

Dawn Gardetto

Dawn Gardetto lives in New England and has been a professional artist since 1995.

Dawn spends much of her time painting in Gloucester and the North Shore where she captures everyday life be it fisherman, timeless exteriors of buildings or people she meets along the way.  She specializes in portraiture and landscapes, preferring to work from life.

Dawn's favorite mediums include pen & ink, watercolor, pastels and oil on wood or linen.  Her style is often realistic, but she also plays on the whimsy with her pen and ink drawings.

Dawn is currently represented by Eventide Gallery.


White Boat, 5 x 5.5, Oil on panel

Fowle's Newburyport, 7 x7, Oil on panel

Old Gloucester Boatyard, 8.5 x 7, Oil on panel

Eat Fish, Oil on Panel, 11 x 14

Red Boat, Oil, 8 x 8, SOLD

Gloucester Manufactory, 18 x 17, Gouache on paper