EvenTide Gallery

Teri Canelle Eramo

“I love the light upon the earth, especially at the most intimate time of day...twilight...when day melds into the arms of night. This is when the dance of light, gently sprawling across the land, is the most evocative. It captures every emotion in my soul. ” Read More...

This is why Teri is passionate about painting in the 19th century tonalist style. It captures the illuminosity of the play of atmospheric light and mysterious darks that she is drawn to.  She focuses on this as she continually learns the language of J. Francis Murphy, Alexander Wyant, Leon Germain Pelouse, George Inness...and contemporary master painter Dennis Sheehan.

“Every painting is a lesson learned in the most spiritual of ways, and I know I don't do it alone. I've always believed if I could move just one person with my paintings, then I have learned a lesson on my journey. When I am not painting, I am always observing the beauty of light, shadow and shapes of the natural world around me.”

A native of western Pennsylvania, she has lived most of her adult life in coastal New England and now lives in Byfield, Massachusetts.


-Formerly represented by Chameleon Gallery, Newburyport, MA

-Eventide Gallery, Essex, MA

Promise of Spring, Oil, 10 x 20

Drift Away, Oil, 10 x 20, SOLD

A Winter's Evening, Oil, 14 x 11

In the Valley, Ireland, Oil, 16 x 20

Silence is Golden, Oil, 6 x 12, SOLD

After the Storm, Oil, 6 x 12, SOLD

As Night Falls on Ireland, Oil, 6 x 12

The Hush on the Marsh, Oil, 11 x 14, SOLD